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Our Premier Conference Room is perfect for your next group or board meeting. The sleek environment features views of downtown that are sure to inspire your group's next big idea. Enjoy the convenience of wiring through the conference table to the 52in screen to present to your ideas as well as an entire wall for white board writing. This room seats 8 and has room for an additional four people to stand or bring in seating chairs.


The Huddle Room is just that! This is the optimal environment for a private meeting with a client or group seeking the same premier views offered throughout the building, except with all of the privacy necessary to conduct a private meeting. We have featured the ability to connect to a 52in screen through the round table as well as a large frosted white board for you to track your ideas. This room seats 6 people and has room for an additional 2-3 people to stand or bring in seating chairs. 


Did someone say content is key? Are you a content creator, media marketing influencer, photographer, or just someone who enjoys a nice aesthetic to record audio and visual in? Our Content Room theme changes each month and is always a vibe.

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